Where does the food come from?

Healthy and tasty food every day

We at Pirkanmaan Voimia value high-quality ingredients and use local Finnish ingredients whenever possible. Our meals comply with nutritional recommendations to ensure a good day for all our customers from children in daycare to elderly residents of care homes. We also take into account ethics factors and environmental impacts in our decision-making. We are continuously developing our operations to always do better.

We are committed to not using any genetically modified ingredients or added sodium glutamate. Our procurement criteria address considerations related to traceability and safety of the ingredients, along with animal welfare.

The domestic content of ingredients used by Pirkanmaan Voimia:

  • Meat is predominantly (about 97%) Finnish, with meat sometimes purchased from elsewhere in the EU when there are availability problems in Finland
  • The dairy products are mainly from Finland (about 97%), special cheeses are also bought from the EU area
  • We use fats, oils, and eggs that are mainly from Finland
  • The fish and fish products we use come mainly from the EU area
  • Ready meals are made primarily in Finland, with a few exceptions made for items from elsewhere in the EU
  • Bread and buns are purchased from Finnish bakeries
  • Our potatoes and cabbage are from Finland; the carrots are mainly from Finland, but sometimes they are obtained from abroad on account of seasonal availability
  • Lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers are mainly from the EU area, and they are obtained from Finland when in season domestically
  • Most of the apples and pears are purchased from producers in the EU