Catering and sanitation services for educational institutions

The objective for the meals served at all educational institutions is to maintain the students’ well-being, health, and appropriate energy. Meals have an important role in the promotion of healthy eating habits. A calm lunch is a welcome break and recharges the students’ batteries for the rest of the day’s lessons. It’s important that young people have a balanced school meal, made up of all the recommended components, with the school lunch providing about one third of their daily energy intake.

In addition to meal services, we take care of the cleanliness and sanitation of educational institutions.

Pirkanmaan Voimia provides catering and cleaning for the following six upper secondary schools: Tammerkosken lukio, Tampereen Klassillinen lukio, Tampereen teknillinen lukio, Sammon keskuslukio, Tampereen lyseon lukio and Ylöjärven lukio. In addition, Pirkanmaan Voimia supplies catering and cleaning services for following Tampere Vocational College (Tredu) units: those on Hepolamminkatu, Santalahdentie, Ajokinkuja, Koivistontie, Åkerlundinkatu, Nokia and Ylöjärvi.

Vocational-college menus

Menus for upper secondary schools

Contact information for upper secondary schools and vocational-college units

Kiosks and cafés

Refreshing snacks play an important role in keeping students’ minds active throughout the school day. Upper secondary schools have Kipsa kiosks, where students can buy healthy snacks and café items. Also, some upper secondary schools have a café, and full canteen services are available to vocational-college students. On offer are sweet and savoury baked goods, high-quality coffee and other beverages, sweets and dishes made by students – at affordable prices.

Special diets

For health or ethics reasons, students may be served special meals in accordance with their requirements. You can read more about the City of Tampere’s policy on special diets on their Website:

Policy on special diets, along with forms and diet descriptions