Catering and sanitation services for schools

School meals are an integral element of the education provided for those of school age. The nutritional objective is to promote the students’ well-being, health and energy. Serving nourishing meals requires seamless co-operation between the school staff and the catering personnel. In addition to providing catering services, we keep Tampere’s schools clean and tidy so that the city’s young people can grow up in a pleasant environment.

Contact information for the kitchens at comprehensive schools in Tampere

The school lunch includes

  • A main course, with side dishes
  • Except on soup days, a salad, including grated vegetables, and salad dressing
  • Bread and spread, with a softer bread served on the days specified in the menu
  • Skimmed milk, buttermilk or water

The two-menu system used for school meals

To ensure a steady, efficient supply of fresh food, Pirkanmaan Voimia uses a two-menu system for schools and day-care centres. The two menus feature the same dishes over a six-week period, but they are in a different order. Check here to see which menu a particular school applies.

School menu 1

School menu 2

Special diets

Children requiring a special diet may be served meals tailored to their needs for health or ethics reasons. Details of the City of Tampere’s policy on special diets can be found on the City of Tampere Website:

Policy on special diets, along with forms and diet descriptions

Kiosk service

Refreshing and nutritional snacks contribute to a good diet. Students can buy healthy snacks and coffee-shop items at some of Tampere’s comprehensive schools.